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San Diego Cremation Pricing – Fair – Honest

Funerals Your Way has Two Cremation Pricing Packages – they are designed to fit most families needs regarding cremation in San Diego, but can be customized.  They includes everything you need to attend to the physical remains of your loved one.  Each cremation package includes funeral professional fees, transfer and storage of the deceased and one disposition permit.

Death certificates are generally available within a few days of passing. Your loved one’s cremains are generally back in our office within a week or so for the family to pick up, or may be mailed.

Additional cremation and transport costs may apply for individuals in excess of 300 pounds or more difficult removals. Residential removals will incur an addition charge because an addition staff person is required. Sales tax on merchandise, holidays and weekends additional.

Basic – Direct – San Diego Cremation

Coordination with doctor, hospital and/or Medical Examiner ♥ Taking deceased into our care ♥ Climate controlled holding area ♥ Filing legal paperwork ♥ Transfer to crematory ♥ Basic container for cremation ♥ Individual cremation ♥ Container for cremains ♥ Disposition permit (1) ♥ Released to family ♥ Notify Social Security ♥ Tree Planted in Honor of Deceased

Many families will select this option, perhaps with a couple slight modifications such as a short viewing to say goodbye or the purchase of an urn or upgraded cremation container. They then will have a memorial services at a future date.

$ 995

Violet flower - Basic San Diego Cremation Pricing Package

Standard Cremation -Viewing and Service

Our Traditional Cremation Pricing Package may be more desirable for some families. It gives the family the opportunity to say goodbye, which is very important in the grieving process.  We assist you with completion of all the required documents with either a personal meeting in our office or on-line. You are guided through the entire process. The service is at the location of your choosing and many families select their church or special place,  however we have many venues for your selection.  

Coordination with doctor, hospital and/or Medical Examiner ♥ Taking deceased into our care ♥ Climate controlled holding area ♥ Filing legal paperwork ♥ Embalming (std) ♥ Dressing ♥ Cosmetics ♥  Hair ♥  Casketing  ♥ Hearse ♥ 1 hour visitation (open casket) ♥ 1 service immediately after visitation ♥  Transfer to crematory ♥ Basic container for cremation ♥ Individual cremation ♥ Container for cremains ♥ Disposition permit (1) ♥ Released to family ♥ Notify social Security  ♥ Tree Planted in Honor of Deceased (more information)

$ 3795

On some occasions, families have a closed casket service. 

The Funeral Service for your loved one is a special way to pay tribute, commemorate and celebrate their life. We coordinate the whole event including items such as event venue, clergy, flowers, printing, food and arrival of the urn or casket.

San Diego CREMATION PRICING – Additions

Many families wish to add some additional options to the basic cremation packages. There are several ways you can do a little something extra which personalizes the cremation service.

Cremation Urn

Blue Cloisonne Urn - Going Home. for keeping cremains at home

Cremation Casket

Brown Cremation casket. Some families have their own casket for viewing / cremation casket

Bio-Degradable Urn

Biodegradable turtle Urn - Our most popular bio-degradable urn for burial at sea of cremains

If a family member is planning on keeping the cremains, selecting a displayable, decorative, up-scale urn is an option. Cremation urns are available in a huge variety of shapes and made of various  materials.

We have a large selection of cremation urns at our office, as well as at Funerals Your Way  store.

A basic cardboard container for cremation is provided free but some families wish to upgrade to a more loving container.  We have several cremation caskets available, so just ask.

If you are doing a short viewing or service with the deceased present, you may decide to use a cremation casket instead  of a cremation casket rental.

Burial at sea – scattering the cremains of a loved one is common in San Diego and many families select this option. Many use a biodegradable urn to facilitate this process. We have many of these Sea Burial Urns.

Scattering of cremains at sea – burial at sea – is a lovely way to say goodbye. It very much helps with closure and healing.

Additional options for all of our Cremation Packages such as keepsakes, jewelry and other tokens are available. You may purchase some of these items directly on the Funerals Your Way Shopping site or by contacting us directly. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.
San Diego Burial at Sea - Ash Scattering at Sea

San Diego Cremation – Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering 

If you do decide to take the home for a while, eventually you may decide to scattering them. This is at least what commonly happens. Some families decide to scatter over land at some spot that was special to the deceased others choose to scatter at sea.

Scattering the cremated remains of a loved one is common and burial at sea is an option that is not only very popular but a service that we specialize in.  Taking advantage of this opportunity in San Diego by opting for a burial at sea is a great bonding experience for families which endures.

We started out as a burial at sea company and later added our funeral homes services. With our burial at sea company in San Diego we have been assisting families with scattering cremains for over a decade. For addition information sea scattering please visit our Ash Scattering and Sea Burial Information.

We have a variety of yachts for your comfort and can accommodate from 1 to over 100 people. Ash scattering is a beautiful way to say goodbye and it provides families with a great sense of peace and closure.

We can accommodate larger groups of people, so just ask if your situation calls for something else.

We can depart from may locations both in the San Diego area as well as many cities along the California coast.

Peaceful ocean scene with clouds and ocean at sunset ( Burial at Sea)
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