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Fort Rosecrans

Miramar Cemetery

131 National Cemeteries – 3 are in Southern California

National cemeteries are prohibited from charging the family for opening or closing fees,  an outer burial container or the grave marker.  Families are responsible for the remaining funeral expenses.

We have two National Cemeteries in San Diego – Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and and Miramar National Cemetery. Burial in National Cemeteries are reserved for the spouses and dependents of the veterans. These burial benefits include burial with the veteran and perpetual care.

The name and date of birth will also be inscribed on the veterans’ headstone at no cost to the family. This benefit is also available if the spouse of family member should pass before the veteran.

Miramar National Cemetery

A new national cemetery, Miramar National Cemetery was established just in 2010 and shares the expansive 313-acre property with protected native wildlife. It is expected to serve the need for veterans for the next several decades.

Approximately 1/3 of Miramar National Cemetery is reserved to protect federally endangered or threatened species in the region such as; the San Diego fairy shrimp, the California gnatcatcher, Otay Mesa mint and San Diego button celery.

The Miramar National Cemetery does have available space for both casket burials as well as cremated remains. As well there are many columbaria area for interment of cremains.

Miramar National Cemetery currently is offering a complementary horse drawn carriage – a wonderful option to take advantage of.

Miramar National Cemetery Location

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Located on scenic Point Loma in San Diego, Fort Rosecrans was initially known as Bennington Nation Cemetery but was renamed in 1934. Formerly, it was an army coastal artillery station. Fort Rosecrans was named after a Union general from the civil war William Rosecrans, who incidentally is not buried at Rosecrans. General Rosecran’s remains are interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Fort Rosecrans has approximately 112,000 interred veterans and their family members on its 77 acres.

It really has to be one of the loveliest cemeteries as on one side it overlooks San Diego Bay and on the other it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. First interment casket-ed burial have not been available since 1966 and first interment cremains not have available since 2014.. Fort Rosecrans however is still busy with second interments of both casket and cremains.

First interment at Rosecrans Possible – Although Rare

There are disinterment’s and special circumstance allowed to the space constraints if there is already an established grave site from a family member already in the cemetery.

There are 22 recipients of the Medal of Honor buried in Fort Rosecrans. The Medal of Honor is the United States  highest military honor, awarded for personal acts of valor above beyond the call of duty. The medal is awarded by the President of the United States in the name of Congress to US military personnel.

Have a look at the article about Fort Rosecrans Cemetery. We really encourage you to visit the cemetery it is a very peaceful and beautiful place which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. There is much history here!

Miramar National Cemetery Location
Riverside National Cemetery

Riverside National Cemetery

The transfer of 740 acres from March Air Force Base allowed the formation of the Riverside National Cemetery. It was dedicated and opened for burials on November 11, 1978. In 2003, an additional 181 acres were added to the cemetery by the Air Force. The cemetery is the third largest managed by the National Cemetery Association and is the most active in the system.

It is especially well-known for its landscape featuring a central boulevard with memorial circles, lakes, indigenous-styled committal shelters, and a memorial amphitheater as described on the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The cemetery is the home of the Medal of Honor Memorial, featuring the names of all medal recipients, and is one of the four sites recognized as a National Medal of Honor Memorial Site. Also, noted is the Fallen Soldier/Veterans’ Memorial, dedicated to all service members, located near the entrance to the park, dedicated in 2000.

In addition, the American Veterans donated a carillon in 2000. The United States Congress designated another of the cemetery’s memorials as a national memorial in 2004. It was the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action National Memorial sculpted by Vietnam veteran, Lewis Lee Millet, Jr. The bronze sculpture shows an American soldier on his knees with his hands bound.

Many notable Medal of Honor recipients, famous people, and seven Tuskegee Airmen are among those buried at the Riverside National Cemetery.

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