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Planning and making funeral arrangements is a rare event in a persons life. Usually it is only done a couple times and most usually done for a parent or for another one or two close relatives.

Most people have many questions and Funerals Your Way does it’s best to address some of these questions though the series of funeral videos addressing various topics.

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National Cemeteries of San Diego

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is located at the end of Point Loma overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Currently there are approximately 100,000 people interred there. It is closed to new interments both caskets and cremains. Each year “Wreaths Across America” lays wreaths here

Miramar National Cemetery is located about 15 miles north of Downtown San Diego. This new cemetery was dedicated on January 30, 2010 and is planned to accommodate approximately 250,000 veterans and their dependents.
Military Honors is performed before the veteran is interred. The flag is presented to the next of kin at the end of this ceremony.
This Military Honors was performed by the US Army at Miramar National Cemetery. After honors, the flag was presented to the next of kin.
Crossing the Bar ceremony was given by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary before the interment at Miramar National Cemetery.

Ask the funeral director series

A large variety of permanent urns are available. They are make of wood, steel, stone as well as various other materials. These urns are appropriate for keeping the cremains at home or interring the deceased.
Many people put off making their funeral arrangements and this leaves the burden for both the arrangement and payment to their family,. Please make arrangements so they do not have to.
There are many types of biodegradable urns made of a variety of materials such as paper, sand, salt etc. Let us assist you selecting the one best for your family.
As a funeral director, I get asked many different question and among the most common are question regarding death certificates. This video answers the 5 most common questions.
Many times families are confused on who has the legal obligation to sign the required funeral documents. Hopefully this video is help eliminate this confusion.
When does the funeral home become involved when someone passes? It depends on where and how they passed. this video will help explain the different procedures.

San diego Cemeteries

Singing Hills Memorial Parks is located just outside the city of El Cajon. It was dedicated in 1996. The memorial park accommodates casket burial, cremains burial and has many types of columbaria for holding of your loved ones cremains.

Hopsice Related Talks

Coping with grief is a normal part of loosing someone close to you. If is important to recongnize what is normal grief and what is not. Reach out to friends, family and porfessional counseling as required. You are not alone in this.

Health Essential Hospice – Rev. Kathleen Glen

Many people say they do not wish to have a service, but there are several very good reasons to have a service. The funeral service is for the loved one which are left behind – it helps then heal. This short video explores these reasons.

Paramount Home Health and Hospice – Carla Stockton

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