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Natural Process

Natural Organic Reduction – Human Composting

Natural Organic Reduction is a more natural approach to the disposition of ones body after death. This process returns the body’s nutrients back to the soil and produces only a small fraction of environmental footprint required from more traditional burial or cremation practices. It is the way things used to be done before modern burial practices.

It recognizes our connection with the planet and affirms our being a part of the ecosystem of life. This natural approach provides a way to give back to the earth and allows the person passing to feel good about contributing to the continuance of fife, returning from whence they came.

The processes called Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) is the return of the body’s nutrients back to the each by natural composting. Since optimalconditions are maintained, the process  takes only a couple months to complete.

The result is about 4 cu ft of rich soil that in visually and chemically indistinguishable from any other soil.

Caring for Life

This process is currently available in only 3 states (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado).

The process will hopefully be available in California soon as it a broad support from both political parties. Until then the body will need to be transported to their location.

Even though not available in California currently, we can easily transport your departed loved one to Washington State for this process of Natural Organic Reduction.

Funerals Your Way is a fully licensed funeral home in San Diego and performs traditional burial and cremation as well as transfer of decedents to other locations.

How the Naural Organic Reduction Works

Laying In Process

The first part of the process is what we would call “Laying in”.  It is the service, either in person or virtual, when the final goodbyes are said and the loved one is placed in their container. Items such as flowers may be added as well as.  We lay a bed of organic material under the body – stray, alfalfa and sawdust etc under the body. Place the body in the vessel and then the remainder of the vessel is filled with more organic material.

The Transformation Process

The vessel is closed, and the process of the natural decomposition begins using bacterial that is already present in our bodies. The temperature, humidity and oxygen levels are carefully monitory to create optimal condition for the process. After about 30 –the process is complete, and the body has been transformed into rich soil.

The Resting

The resulting soil must now rest for about 30 days to complete the process. At this point the soil is ready to be return to the family or placed in our Woodlands facility


For example, about 500 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2) release from an average cremation. This comes both from release of the carbon in the body as well as the carbon from the burning of fuel at the crematory.

The NOR method release only about 10% of that and much of the carbon that is release is sequestered in the soil.

The whole process just seems gentler and more natural. From the the ceremony of preparing and laying a person in the contain to the decomposition process itself.

We are facing and existential threat by the myriad of pollutants we dump into the earth and atmosphere The temperate of the planet, (both land and ocean) is raising rapidly as CO2 levels increase. Complete ecosystems are being thrown out of balance. There have been 5 mass extension events in the earth’s history, please let us each do what we can to prevent another. Let us cherish life on our pale blue dot.

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