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Funerals Your Way is the closest funeral home to the San Diego County Medical Examiner – only a few blocks from our location. Cases from the Medical Examiner can often be a bit unique – there may be personal effects to deal with or family may be out of town. Many times the family will wish to see the loved one one last time, as with Medical Examiner cases, the passing is often unexpected.

Coordination with doctor, hospital and/or Medical Examiner ♥ Taking deceased into our care ♥ Climate controlled holding area ♥ Filing legal paperwork ♥ Transfer to crematory ♥ Basic container for cremation ♥ Individual cremation ♥ Container for cremains ♥ Disposition permit (1) ♥ Released to family ♥ Notify Social Security ♥ Tree Planted in Honor of Deceased

Offering Only Needed Services

$895 – Basic Cremation


$3495 – Cremation with Service

Death certificates are generally available within a few days for the family to pick up, or may be mailed.

We are a full service funeral home and offer both cremation services as well as traditional burial with casket. Whatever your wishes we will do our best to provide you with outstanding service.

Immediate Family Viewing 

Since the loved ones passing is unexpected many family members will wish to see their family member one last time. We can easily accommodate this in our new viewing area.

The deceased with be lightly prepared for immediate family viewing. 

Viewing Area with blue chairs and flowers  for funeral services

Transportation of Body out of San Diego

Sometimes the family wishes to have the loved one;s body transported to a different city with California or perhaps to a different state or even country.

We do this all the time. Usually the person is embalmed and shipped on a normal commercial airline flight. Sometimes the person cannot be embalmed, for various reason, in which case a ziegler airtight unit may be used.

Southwest airlines wing of plane in flight
Funerals Your Way
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