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Funeral Service Venues – Unique – Custom Tailored

Funerals Your Way is unique in that we do not have a specific venue, but custom tailor the venue to the family’s needs. This encompasses both the size and cost of the venue as well as location. Having the family select the venue for the memorial or funeral service really adds to the uniqueness of the event.

Rose Creek Cottage – Funeral Venue

The Rose Creek Cottage is a quaint, historic English Tudor cottage with a chapel interior and a gazebo on the garden patio for receptions.

Pricing Per hour: Sunday – Friday – $225  Saturday $250

Accommodation: 80 people in chapel

Address: 2525 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109

Rose Creek Cottage Inside
Rose Creek Cottage Patio
Rose Creek Cottage is a lovely English Tudor cottage
Rose Creek Cottage Map

Del Cerro Church

Del Cerro is a beautiful church with many options You many supply your own minister or we can assit with clergy selection.  Various additional options are piano, recorded video of service, video presentation etc.  There is a main sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, patio and kitchen with the price varing depending on the nuber of options selected.

Pricing Per hour: around $300 / hr.

Accommodation: 250 people in chapel

Address: 5512 Pennsylvania Ln, La Mesa, CA 91942

De Cerro Church Interior
Del Cerro Church Exterior
Rose Creek Cottage Map

Clairemont Lutherian Church

This church is very centrally located on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. bewtween the 5 fwy and 805 fwy. It has bother a mainsanctuary as well as a small side area for very small gatherings. You must use their pastor and an organist is available for an extra chare

Pricing Per Service: $250 (flexible)

Accommodation: 300 in main sanctuary  and around 35 in the side sitting area with the starined glass

Address: 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92117

Clairemont Lutheran Interior
Clairemont Lutheran Organ
clairemont Lutheran side sitting area
Clairemont Lutheran Service location

Marina Villiage – Mission Bay

This is a very unique venue, located in the heart of Mission Bay next to the marina. It has wonderful natural views. In addition to the outdoor areas there are numerous banquet halls and area suitable for indoor funeral or memorial services. Prices vary depending on the room selected. Sound system is available for an additional charge.

Pricing Per Service: $600 – $700 (Depending on day) for 3 hrs

Accommodation: 100 chairs are included.

Address: 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Marina Village - Lawn venue for funeral or memorial
Marina Village Boats
Marina Village - Forward facing for funeral or memorial service
Clairemont Lutheran Service location

Bali Hai Restaurant – Shelter Island

This is a very unique venue, with a long history in San Diego, with an incredible view of the downtown. They have a  large room on the ground floor with access to the patio. Prices depend on time of day and day of the week. The Bali Hai has an extra benefit in that your yacht will go by here should you be doing a burial at sea, so we can just pull up to the dock and drop by off in style.

Pricing Per Service: $1500 – $2500

Accommodation: 150+

Address: 2230 Shelter Island Dr.  San Diego, CA 92106

Bali Hai Restaurant - Shelter Island Dr.
Bali Hai Restaurant Patio
Bali Hai Restaurant Shelter Island map