Funerals Your Way Mission Statement

Funerals Your Way Core Values

Funerals Your Way goals are many faceted. The most notable goal is to provide a more loving experience for families that had a member pass and to do it less expensively.

We Care About Serving You

The funeral business is about caring and we take the time to serve and to care. These are common words in our fast paced world which are usually not given the consideration they deserve.

At Funerals Your Way we take the business of caring seriously!

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Local Company – High Technology

Employing the latest technologies, keeping overhead costs low allows us to be very cost competitive and pass savings along to our families.

We are a local company and employ local people, so our profits stay in the community. We encourage families to support their local businesses.

Funerals Your Way Goals – Giving Our Family Funeral Options

With these goals in mind we provide our families with information to help them select which options are best for them. We can do this either at need when a family member has passed or as a pre-need funeral planning service. Our name, Funerals Your Way, say it all as we assist families to arrange funeral services their way.

On-Line Funeral Shopping

Funerals Your Way uses the latest on-line technology enabling our families to receive immediate pricing information regarding their cremation and burial selections.

We post all our pricing on-line as well as various forms our families may require.

Articles on Funeral Topics

Our funeral home provides you with articles on relevant topics on our Funeral BLOG as well as posts on the latest information and happening in the field on our Facebook page.

With our help you stay better informed on current funeral events and can make better decisions.

Funeral On-Line Shopping

Providing a great shopping experience for the purchase of caskets, urns, flowers and various other items directly from our website store – convenience of shopping from their home.

Making it easy for you to select funeral products and services.

Sensitive Caring Professionals

Having caring professional people working with our families is critical to our success and a GREAT attitude is a key part of our business.

We work with many hospice organizations and do our best to be as caring as they are. If it is important to our families – it is important to us.

Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering

Funerals Your Way is greatly supportive of scattering ashes at sea – burial at sea – as well as full body burial at sea.

We live near the ocean and it is often fitting that we return to it. As far as we know, Funerals Your Way is the only funeral home who has their own fleet of yachts to support sea burial. We can accommodate up to 120 people on some yachts.

Employ Latest Technology

Funerals Your Way is very progressive using the latest technology to serve our families. This forward thinking approach is a hallmark of our business.

This comprises the latest in web technology, secure data transmission, on-line shopping, video presentation, video streaming, social media and more.

Funerals Your Way
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