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At Funerals Your Way we do our very best to provide superb service to our families.  We realize that this is a very difficult and stressful period of their lives and we take the extra steps to help. As a result we have all excellent funeral home 5 star ratings ***** reviews.
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Angie's list for Funerals Your Way - San Diego Funerals

We we’re very very happy with the services at Funerals Your Way. Dana & Summer walked us through the process-they we’re great. They showed empathy at such a stressful & sad time in our lives. We highly recommend Funerals Your Way!

Richey - May 2023

My husband and I cannot say enough about the management and staff at Funerals Your Way. They were professional, swift to respond, and caring. They took care of everything while always keeping us informed. I highly recommend them and would give them ten stars if I could have.

De La Vergne - Feb 2023

Excellent care would highly recommend Funerals Your Way. Dana made the whole process go so smoothly one of the hardest times of my life it’s nice to know there are such supportive and caring people out there like Dana. Highly recommend him in every way.
Thank You

Chelsea - Nov 2022

I have used Funeral Your Way in the past when my brother passed away and everything went smoothly. I just finished planning ahead for my preneed arrangements and again Dana Parks made it so simple to do.

Cathy - Sept 2022

I lost my son suddenly and unexpected. On the absolute worst time of my life, Dana helped me, walking me through every detail, gently and kindly. Reassuring us that Justin, was being cared for in a respectful and safe way. Explaining everything, and personally speaking to me, guaranteeing as smooth, as possible, the process.
Summer was a complete angel.

I thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness will always be remembered.

Sharon - July 2022

I found Funerals Your Way after calling several funeral homes inquiring about cremations for the indigent. Summer showed compassion and understood why I was so passionate about ensuring this person was treated with dignity and respect. I told Summer how committed I was to keep a promise I made, Summer said, “Funerals Your Way will do whatever it takes to help“. It took months to get a Power of Attorney so I could legally make decisions. Dana, Summer and the rest of the staff were patient and made sure I had everything I needed. Everyone I met along the way showed trust in me and had to make exceptions in order for me to keep my promise. It was because of the compassion and hard work of everyone, (SDPD, SDC District Attorney, Victim Services, SDC Medical Examiner, Funerals Your Way) involved a miracle happened, we reunited a family separated for 30 years. I had the honor of reuniting this person to their family. They can now continue a family tradition generations old when a loved one passes. There are no words to express my appreciation and thanks to Funerals Your Way. You only get one chance to get it right, Funerals Your Way hit it out of the park. No matter how different or difficult the case Funerals Your Way can handle it with grace and compassion.

JNW - June 2022

We used Funerals Your Way for my dads ashes. We had an amazing experience with Dana, he is kind and compassionate. He walked us through every step of the process. They are extremely reasonable and timely. I would highly recommend Dana and Funerals Your Way.

Ian - Feb 2022

I was dreading dealing with the cremation of my best friend but I came across “Funerals Your Way” after searching web reviews and I could not possibly be more pleased in using them. Dana was caring and easy to deal with and took the stress out to the process. Everything went as planned throughout the process (in fact we got cremains 3 days earlier than needed) and I would highly recommend Funerals Your Way to everyone.

Boyce - Dec 2021

Funerals Your Way was referred to our family through the Hospice service we were using for our mother-in-law, and what a fabulous recommendation it was. From the first email I sent, to the first returned phone, call I knew right away Funerals Your Way would be the mortuary we would use. Every person we spoke to and interacted with was so polite, kind and extremely understanding of what we were going through. Thank you for your patients and treating us with such kindness.

Lynn - Aug 2021

I did my research and inquiries around the county, and found some really nice places, and even places that were bit more affordable. Unlike some of the others I previously contacted, after initially speaking with Dana over the phone as I had just one simple question at the time, I sense a genuineness in his response, and decided to go with Funerals Your Way. Glad I did as Dana was superb in his communication which made this process that much more easier in times which can be so difficult. Thank you.

David - Nov 2020

Dana was both professional and kind. He handled everything efficiently even though it was a three day holiday weekend.

Patricia - Oct 2020

They took excellent care of all the details for my mom’s passing. From the moment I called them, they managed everything smoothly. Dana was such a calming voice during this difficult time and his entire team worked together efficiently to provide all documents in a timely manner. We are grateful for their help.

Pat - Aug 2020

Dana and Funerals Your Way is excellent to work with. He saved us over $2K from what the local mortuary was going to charge us and the services were just as good.

Steve - April 2020

When we needed funeral services for my In-laws we looked at several “Traditional” places. For most places, they were cold, and missing all the touches we wanted. We found Funerals Your Way online and from the moment we met Dana, we knew this was going to be it! Dana doesn’t have that stereo typical style. He’s knowledgeable, easy going, and not pushy. Dana worked with us to get the perfect arrangements for our needs and when the time came, he answered the phone (even late at night) when we needed their services. Very impressed with the professional level of services we received both times. We will be back for our arrangements soon. We don’t want our loved ones to go through this alone.

Catherine - March 2020

I really appreciate how professionally help me in our family’s hard time and make us feel comfortable. I reached out to a lot of different places and Dana and Summer were the most trustworthy people I ever met. Thank yo

D - March 2020

Thank you so much Dana for making this experience the best it could be!! You released so much pressure off my back with your humble approach and made me feel at ease. Your amazing staff was no different. With Jessica and summer by my side during the service they gave me so much confidence and balance to help me get through it and there just isn’t enough words to explain how great a job they did to make everything so great. We received such high praises from the guests and it made me feel great and definitely let me know I chose right to go with Funerals Your Way. Thanks again Dana, Jessica, and summer you were so great!!

Daniel - Nov 2019

Thank You Dana! It is a very difficult time when you lose someone that you Love. Funerals Your Way made that process so easy & comforting. Dana & his staff are Amazing!!!

Joey - Oct 2019

Making arrangements for a loved one is very difficult and is quite heart-wrenching. From the very beginning Dana was kind, empathetic and helpful, which made the difficult process easier. When I met Summer she also exhibited the same grace, empathy and kindness that I found in Dana. Each of them assisted me with care, compassion and extreme kindness. They made the difficult process easier for me and I cannot thank them enough for that.

This company has the integrity and empathy you want when you are facing this type of difficult situation. I highly recommend Funerals Your Way.

Sandoval - Aug 2019

Funerals Your Yay took care of the details of my father’s cremation in a kind and compassionate way. Dana was wonderful and all of the people helped tremendously. There was no pressure, just help and guidance through the process.

Ty V. - April 2019

During the hardest time of my life Funerals Your Way and Staff took complete control and helped me plan the most wonderful memorial for my beloved husband. I will always be indebted to them for their assistance, so I could just be there with friends and family to grieve, laugh, and remember him. Without a doubt I would recommend them to friends.

Cindy C- March. 2019

While my wife was receiving hospice care and knowing that she would eventually pass, I discussed options of cremation with my social worker Amanda and she gave a very good recommendation for Funerals Your Way.

I followed up by arranging for them to handle the details. Summer and Dana were extremely easy to work with and very thorough while being empathetic to my situation. This is not an easy task while grieving for a loved one…but these folks made it bearable.

Dave M. - Dec 2018

The very high level of care, kindness, advice, attention to detail, expeditiousness and responsiveness has been a great comfort and help when my Dad passed away. The very reasonable fee schedule is an added bonus. I cannot recommend Tawanna and Dana’s great service highly enough. Thank you!

Lorelei T - Dec. 2018

My brother was in Hospice for 3 months and we knew he was disappearing before our very eyes. The wonderful people on his hospice team told us they were not allowed to recommend but had heard good things about Funerals Your Way.

I chose them to handle my brother’s arrangements. In September he passed away and we visited Dana and Summer at Funerals Your Way. We were instantly comforted and put at ease. They were very professional and the entire process was quite affordable. My brother was a boat owner and a sailor and had asked to have his ashes scattered at sea. I was so happy to have the opportunity to fulfill his wishes with San Diego Burial at Sea which is part of the same organization.

When I met Tawanna I was immediately convinced that I had made the right decision. We, 35 family members and friends, had a beautiful afternoon off the coast of San Diego taking my brother home. It was unforgettable and surprisingly inexpensive. Thank you so much Dana, Summer, Tawanna, and the crew. You all are amazing people.

Raymond H. - Nov 2018

Dana was most helpful and understanding at a difficult time following the death of my spouse. He delivered as promised for the package of services that my family selected. When that time comes, I would highly recommend to others the services of Funerals Your Way.

J.B. - Sept 2018

Dana Parks at Funerals Your Way was extremely easy to work with. He provided our family with expert care during a most difficult time. In addition he was a terrific person to ask questions of while at the same time anticipating our needs. My family strongly recommends him and Funerals Your Way.

Robert R. - Sept 2018

My husband past away unexpectedly and I wasn’t prepared for anything other than to follow his wishes to be cremated.  A friend gave me the information for Funerals Your Way. I was an emotional wreck and I was amazed at how simple Dana made the process for me.  

Dana was thoughtful and considerate and explained everything that would need to be done.  The next day Dana sent an email asking to confirm certain information.  I couldn’t think clearly and explained to him, that I was having a difficult time.  He responded in his email with kind words of support and the following day sent another email asking if I was okay.  It was above and beyond what I expected.

Elaine M. - June 2018

When my Dad moved to a nursing home, I was asked to designate a Funeral Home/Mortuary in the event needed.  Tawanna & Dana reviewed the entire process with me and helped me prepare ahead of time.  When the time came, it was so much easier knowing what to expect.  They helped oversee all the details to make a difficult event a beautiful memory.

Linda H - June 2018

I had to make arrangements for my son,this was by far the hardest loss of my life. Dana worked with me from Funerals your Way. He was so kind, patient, compassionate understanding and helpful ! He really was the best person to help me at this unbearable time. No one could have handled my grief stricken emotions better !

I can’t imagine how hard it is to do what he does everyday and remain so calm, patient and understanding. It takes a special kind of person to handle such sensitive matters… Thank You for everything !

Saralee H - March 2018

Dana was great.  He guided us through the process during this difficult time and their prices were very reasonable.
Peter D - Feb 2018

Dana and Tawanna was there in my time of need. If doing burial and not cremation, you need to get things done quickly.  I trusted them to take care of my husband.

The people they have on their team to make sure my husband looked good for viewing did a great job.  The staff was patient with me and their pricing was reasonable. On the day of funeral, they were there to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. I was a mess, but they (and their staff) worked behind the scenes to be sure everything went well for both church service and burial. I will be recommending this company. I was in good hands.

Sara K - Feb 2018

This is not a typical review people want to read, but I want to share my experience to help others. My father in law was terminally ill. I was designated to make sure his wishes were respected.  He wanted a direct cremation.  I began making phone calls and research before he passed.  Many places would not even give me the time of day suggesting that I wait until after he passed.  It seemed as though they wanted to take advantage of a grieving family. Other websites had many hidden fees.  When I would question them they would never return my email or call.

I contacted Dana through email. He was very helpful and gave me a straight forward price, no hidden fees. When my father in law passed I called him.  The process was smooth. Despite being a holiday they responded quickly and helped us through the process.  Everyone we dealt with was so respectful.  I was charged not a penny more than what I was told.  They will not take advantage of you and truly want to help grieving families.

Judith M - Dec 2017

What a wonderful blessing from heaven was sent our way when guided to Tawanna and Funerals Your Way. Our mother was interred in Ft. Rosecrans and we were treated very professionally in our time of need. We had an appointment with a funeral home earlier in the day, since we three children were in town for pre-arrangements and only had 1 day, to spent, believe it or not, the director was a no show. Who does that??

One call to Dana and Tawanna and they met us an hour later (actually leaving a birthday party of a very close friend in hospice care) at their office. Divine intervention for us! They helped with selections and walked us through all the paperwork and decisions from start to finish. Just a few weeks later, an answered call at midnight and it was all set into action. Again, professionalism to the max and a genuine concern and empathy to our needs as a grieving family.

We could not have asked for better and was given above and beyond. We would highly recommend Funerals Your Way to anyone at anytime…day or night. No words could ever express our gratitude. God Bless you. Sept/2017


The team of Dana and Tawanna at Funerals Your Way are a wonderful example of professional, kind and considerate support during a very emotion filled time. They listen deeply and help to insure the decisions being made are respectful to all involved. All the details for the licensing, Mass and the service at grave side were thought out and carried through with mindful attention. Our family has beautiful memories as our love one rests in peace. Aug/2017

Funerals Your Way and Dana were a great help when my mother passed away recently.  All of my siblings are on the east coast and my family was out of town, so I was alone when she passed and really had done nothing more than basic research.

I called Funerals Your Way and Dana got back to me within minutes.  He reassured me that everything would be taken care of and it was.  He listened intently and did exactly what I wanted.  No up-sell, no hassles, just compassion. July/2017

Roger R.

There’s not much to say about these things. It’s not something you typically review and you don’t want to deal with this….it’s not fun. That being said, Funerals Your Way was recommended by my mother’s hospice. They were right. Dana was easy to deal with and made it real simple.

I didn’t need anything fancy or complicated. I just wanted to deal with the logistics of laying my mother to rest and get back to my family and our grieving. Dana was great. He was open to talk, if I wanted to, but didn’t make me talk more than I wanted. He didn’t keep on the phone longer than I wanted. He didn’t try to up-sell me.

My mother died suddenly and I called at 930am. He coordinated picking up my mother’s body from the home. His guys were on time, even apologizing ahead of time that it was going to take them more than an hour from the time I called due to the holiday weekend.
They were respectful, and went the extra bit to make sure my mother being taken out of her condo building was quick and private. I mean they went out and made sure no one was in the halls and commandeered an elevator before removing her from her residence. Sounds minor, but that was HUGE to my mother’s wishes.

From there Dana met us to go over paperwork. He coordinated fully with my mom’s doctors and literally I had to do nothing but sign for the cremation, and come back and pick her up. No headaches, no extra charges or annoyance to me.

You never know “what” to look for in a mortuary. I would say just call Dana and don’t make it a harder thing than it has to be. His number of 5 star reviews means something in this case.   July/2017

Waldo W.

Working with Dana at Funerals You way was very easy and a he was a pleasure to work with.  We had a unique situation and are in a different State, he was so accommodating and handled all the arrangements very professionally!  Highly recommend. Feb/2017
Cindy C

Words cannot express my appreciation for all the comfort and support that you have provided. From start to finish, you went above and beyond with making this as smooth a process as possible and I am thankful for that.

The funeral arrangements were easy and efficient and the burial at sea was absolutely beautiful and exactly what I think he would have wanted and what I envisioned to truly celebrate his life. Feb/2017


I Dana was super easy to work with. I just got a basic package for cremation and he went through the process step by step answering all of my questions. I was out of state and had to deal with other family members signing paperwork and he made it super simple to get the cremation taking care of and the copies of the death certificates. The price was great, I would recommend this company. Special thanks to Dana for all your help in my time of need.. Nov/2016

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You made the process of handling the remains of my brother effortlessly easy to do. Thank you for helping me through the process. Aug/2016
Landis Family

T you very much in the manner you assisted our family with the passing of our beloved mother.

We appreciate all your time and effort in making this time easier on the family Your caring and kindness will be remembered. July/2016

Keating Family

Funeral on Yacht Recommendation

Funeral on Yacht Recommendation

Thank you so much for helping my nephew and sister plan my brother’s farewell and for hosting the memorial event. You did a magnificent job together with Dana, Father Rodgers and the boat crew! We did a Burial at Sea and we could not think of anything to have improved the memorial tribute. This was a great departure from the traditional Chinese customs when saying good bye to our loved ones. But, I can tell you that everyone was so impress and happy that such an event could be lighter and happier. Everyone left with a great sense of peace and feeling that this was the perfect tribute.

Whenever I came to you with concerns, you looked into my eyes and spoke to my ears with calmness, and I knew it was a queue to let my worries go. You were always a step or two ahead with what needed to be done, whether I was aware of it or not. I really appreciate your guidance through the whole process. For without you, it would not have been so beautiful. – Dec/2015

Tuey Family

Funerals Your Way arranged to have my family member picked up from the hospital.  They even contacted me when there was an issue with the release of the body and helped me solve the problem within minutes. They provided cremation services at 1/3 of the cost of any other funeral home and personally delivered the remains to me.  They also contacted social security, provided a special transit permit and ordered the death certificates for me.  I could not have asked for anyone to do anymore, or be more professional.

Funerals your way handled everything I asked.  They made suggestions and were very responsive to my calls and requests.  They made the loss of my family member a  peaceful experience.  I would recommend them highly.- Aug/2015

Wing Family

Where do I start? There really are no words to express the Lewis families appreciation for the help and comfort Funerals Your Way, gave to us. Our mother was slowly dying, and my brother, sister and myself were only in town one day to make arrangements.

We had an appointment with an unnamed Mortuary and the funeral director never showed up. We were at a loss. It was 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon when I contacted Funerals Your Way. Dana Parks answered the line and told me that he and his associate, Tawanna would meet us at the office in 45 minutes. What I didn’t know at the time was they were leaving a birthday party for a dear, dying friend who was in hospice care, just to help us.

From the moment we arrived we were treated with the utmost respect and sympathy for our situation. They helped us with all our decision making as well as things that we never even thought about. Everything from the viewing facility to the flowers and the guest book. Without their professionalism, I don’t know what we would have done that day. Unfortunately, my mother passed sooner then we expected and all it took was one call at midnight. Everything was handled, and we had no worries. They respectfully kept their distance but when I looked up, they were there, in the background, and it was a very comforting feeling. They were never intrusive. The level of knowledge and compassion that was displayed to my family was ever so appreciated and will never be forgotten. I would never hesitate to recommend Funerals Your Way, as an option during your time of need. When the time comes for me to pass, I intend on using their burial at sea option.

Thank you Dana and Tawanna for everything. You will always be in my prayers. – Aug/2015

Lewis Family

I want to thank you and others at Funerals Your Way who helped us through this challenging time. Everyone I communicated with were most helpful, courteous, kind and professional.

I also want to let you know that the captain and host at the burial at sea were wonderful. The captain was professional and skilled. He also played great soothing music as we boated out to Coronado and the Hotel Del. The host was also terrific. She was available and inclusive, but not intrusive. She was very sensitive and kind. She invited our participation and accepted our willingness and hesitancy. She did great readings of the materials we had selected. She guided us gently through the ceremony.

The overall experience was quite beautiful and satisfying. I definitely, and without reservation, recommend Funerals Your Way. – July/2015

Day Family

They were excellent, pleasant,low key, and accommodating. The mortuary services were straight forward, from collection, to cremation to the death certificates. They offered add ons but were not pushy about it. They arranged a beautiful yacht and were flexible on timing. They arranged to have flowers and white doves. They facilitated our own family’s ceremony and stayed in the back ground. It was a beautiful experience and provided closure the way my wife would have wanted it. – April/2015
Gordon Family

These guys were very professional and empathetic of our situation. They took us by the hand and helped a very difficult situation become a comfort. We are so appreciative of the care that you showed us and will strongly recommend you guys in the future. April, 2014
Phoenix Family

My experience was overwhelmingly positive! I think your service made this process about as easy as it can be. I really love the “one stop shop” aspect and the fact I did not have to coordinate so many moving parts on my own, especially since I was already on overload. Tawanna is a total gem! I am so grateful for her service and dedication. But you all really helped and I appreciate it. Everything came together as planned and in a timely fashion. No unpleasant surprises.

Thank you for your help with the certificates, the urn and logistics. My family was very pleased with the Celtic cross urn and I am really glad we went in that direction. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the help, guidance and service. – Feb, 2014


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