Death is part of life, and difficult decisions do not end with a death certificate; one of those critical decisions is choosing how to lie to rest a deceased loved one’s body. Traditionally, the decision is for a casket burial; however, cremation is increasingly in demand. This is true not just in San Diego but thought California and the United States in general Four regions outpaced the national cremation average: Pacific states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) led with a cremation rate of 61 percent. This rising trend in cremation is expected to continue. For interest, see five captivating facets of cremation.

This shift from traditional burial practices has raised questions about the factors driving this trend. Today we will explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of cremation.

Changing Attitudes towards Cremation

One significant factor contributing to the rise in families selecting cremains is the changing attitudes toward cremation. Traditional beliefs and cultural norms surrounding burial practices have evolved, leading to a greater acceptance of cremation across various societies.

The flexibility and personalization options cremation offers resonated with families seeking alternative, more individualized ways to honor their loved ones. Many families will also select a cremation urn.

Changing attotutes to Cremation

Personalization and Flexibility Drives Rising trend of cremation

rising popularity of cremation

Cremation allows families to customize the final resting place of their loved ones. They can choose unique and personalized urns, scatter the ashes in meaningful locations or even incorporate them into creative memorial items like jewelry or artwork. This flexibility appeals to families who seek to create a personalized tribute that reflects the individuality and interests of the deceased.

Since we are in San Diego, there is an excellent demand for scattering ashes at sea. Even if they have not lived here for many years, many people have ties to these areas and the ocean.


We are so committed to Burial at Sea that we have established a separate company – San Diego Burial at Sea –  to perform ash scattering and sea burial. We have been the leader in San Diego, offering this type of service for many years.

Environmental Considerations

Another driving factor for cremation is the growing environmental consciousness among families regarding green burials. Cremation is often perceived as a more eco-friendly option (green Option) when compared to traditional burial methods. Research by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) indicates that cremation results in fewer land, water, and air pollutants, making it a more sustainable choice and less environmental footprint. Cremation, however, produces a fair amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The most environmental burial is a full body burial at sea, as it makes no greenhouse gases for the atmosphere, and the body is recycled back to nature. Environmental factors will continue to push the rising trend of cremation

Electric cremation retorts are advanced and environmentally-friendly devices used for the cremation process. Unlike traditional cremation methods that rely on fossil fuels, electric cremation retorts utilize electricity as the primary energy source. These retorts consist of a chamber where the deceased is placed, and an electric heating system is employed to raise the temperature to a level necessary for the cremation process.

Electric retorts offer several advantages, including reduced carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and precise temperature control. Electric cremation retorts are becoming increasingly popular due to their sustainability and compatibility with modern environmental standards. See our blog article for information on modern Cremation chambers and electric retorts.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any electric cremation chambers operating in the United States for processing human cremation; there are, however, some for animal remains. This is due to several reasons discussed in our article regrading retorts.

Financial Considerations

The surge in financial concerns has notably contributed to an increasing demand for cremation services. Many people are turning to cremation as a cost-effective solution with the escalating expenses of funeral plots, caskets, embalming, and memorial services. This is especially true in less rural areas where land is at a premium.

The simplicity and lower overall expenses of cremation provide individuals with a practical way to manage funeral costs while still honoring their loved ones’ memories. Consequently, the financial pressures of today’s society have been a significant factor in driving the growing demand for cremation services.

Changing Family Dynamics pushes Rising trend of cremation

The evolving structure of families and their dispersal across various geographical locations have also contributed to the rise in cremation. Today’s families are often geographically dispersed across different cities, countries, or continents. Cremation offers the advantage of portability, enabling families to transport or divide the cremains among multiple locations, ensuring that each member has a tangible connection to their loved one.

Cultural and Religious Acceptance

Over time, cultural and religious attitudes towards cremation have become more accepting, further driving its popularity. Many faiths that traditionally favored burial have adapted to include cremation as an acceptable practice. As religious and cultural institutions embrace the evolving needs of their communities, more families feel comfortable choosing cremation as a respectful way to honor their loved ones while staying true to their beliefs. The Pew Research Center offers valuable insights into the changing religious landscape, its impact on funeral practices, and how cremation is Increasing in demand.

Cremation is Increasing in Demand – Conclusion

The increasing number of families selecting cremains as a final resting option is driven by several factors, including changing attitudes, environmental considerations, financial aspects, shifting family dynamics, and greater cultural and religious acceptance. This trend reflects the desire for personalized and sustainable funeral practices that align with the values of modern society.

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