Biodegradable urns

Cremains stay intact

Many Shapes and Sizes

biodegradable urns

Biodegradable urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of a variety of material such as paper, sand, gelatin and salt. Biodegradable urns are NOT required for burial at sea but do provide an alternative for families who do not wish to see the cremains.

If you are not obtaining an urn from us please make sure it is biodegradable in water, as some are only appropriate for land burial.

Ocean Biodegradable urns

Water solvable biodegradable urns are designed to be placed in the ocean and according to California Law must completely degrade with 4 hours. We have many of these in stock, since we have a vibrant burial at sea business. Each urn comes with a biodegradable bag to hold the cremains inside the urn. The biodegradable bag look like a plastic bag but as soon as it get wet, it completely dissolves.

Biodegradable Turtle Urn for water scattering

These biodegradable turtles are made from environmentally friendly material using recycled paper. This is our most popular urn.

These turtles are designed to hold a standard amount of cremains and will float briefly at the surface before sinking beneath the waves. since each turtle is handcrafted they vary slightly in shape and color. We also have smaller turtles (we can them baby turtles) than can hold a small amount of cremains, so many family members may participate in the scattering.

Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn for water scattering

Biodegradable Himalayan Rock Salt urns are hand carved from blocks of salt which are from deposits that a very pure and believe to be about 250 million years old. these urns are very attractive and create a great presentation at a service.

As will all biodegradable urns the cremains are first placed in a biodegradable bag and the bag is then placed in the urn. Because salt is dense, these urn weigh about 20 lbs each before cremains are placed in them. These are hand crafted and each is unique.

Journey biodegradable Urn for water scattering

Biodegradable urns that look like a pillow are also available and popular for a burial at sea. These are less costly that the urn above. They float for a brief period and then sink slowly beneath the waves.

They come in a variety of colors such as ocean blue, dark blue, white, gray and green.


Memento biodegradable urn

The memento urn is a Biodegradable urn – sustainable made – that will float briefly and then sink beneath the waves. It comes in several colors (blue, white and coral) and the unique feature of this urn is that the family and write messages on biodegradable paper and place them in the urn.

Twenty paper notes cards are supplied with this urn.

Sea Shell biodegradable Urn for water scattering

The Seashell Biodegradable urn is sustainable make and comes in may colors (coral, aqua., sand and pearl). A unique feature of this type is urn is they have a matching brass keepsake for taking some of the cremains home with you after the scattering.

These urns float much longer than the other urns described above. 



  • Cremains are contained and not seen when scattered
  • Variety of shapes and colors of urns
  • Eliminates any possibility of blowback


  • A bit more expensive
  • Do not see cremains disperse
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