Funeral Services are Healing

Often we heard families say that their mother, father or other relatives did not want the family to have any funeral services. Really, they are saying that it would be too much trouble or too expensive to have the services.
Funeral Services Need Not be Expensive
Lets look at the reasons for having funeral services – services are important to families and friends. After all, the funeral services are for the families and friends to get together and celebrate the life of the person who is no longer with them.

Traditional Funeral Services

The traditional funeral services held in most churches in the United States often provide a comforting way to say goodbye to family or friends. The service  provides for an opportunity that allows for several individuals to take part in the services. Relatives and good friends may speak to all attending about their experiences with the person who passed.

Many are comforted by sharing together the memories they have. This is a time for all present to support each other. Many ways are provided to celebrate such as casket choice, religious readings, flower arrangements, eulogies and stories.

Non-Traditional Services

For those who do not wish to have a traditional ceremony or celebrate in a church, there are many ways to remember a loved one who has died. More and more people are using these different ways to celebrate and remember loved ones. For example, you might want to develop a special area in your home or other places to remember someone who has died.

A scattering at sea is a beautiful way to have a ceremony and create wonderful memories You can also designate a particular time of year to visit this memory and to add to it.

Customary Mexican Funeral Ceremony

Another way to hold a remembrance is to visit the grave site. In Mexico, there is a celebration called Dia de los Muertos where the family will go to the grave of a loved one and clean it up and put flowers on the grave. This is done every year close to Halloween.

During this time of year, the cemetery is packed with families remembering their loved ones. You may wish to create your own ceremony at the grave site to remember your loved ones.

Funeral Services Mexico
Funeral Services - Tree Planting

Planting a tree

Your family might want to plant a tree or some special garden for your loved one. As  part of the service we offer any family,  “Funerals Your Way”  plants a tree in honor of that person. We do this through the National Forest Service.

The warming of the planet is a huge problem and is transforming the lives of each person. A major factor in the  warming is related to increases in carbon dioxide levels (CO2) and trees absorb CO2, this helps in reducing greenhouses gasses.

Burial at Sea Funeral Services

Devotion to the Ocean – Sea Burial

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your loved one is through a burial at sea. It has become increasing popular method of having a funeral services for remembering family members.

Burial at Sea provides a special atmosphere for either full body burial or scattering ashes at sea. Different religions and practices accomodate these ceremonies in different ways.

We find the burial at service especially healing and cleansing as the ocean is such as beautiful place. Saying your farewells in such a place adds special meaning and memories.

Funerals Your Way
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