What do you do if you want both a traditional funeral or viewing, but then cremation and scattering of the ashes? If some of the family wishes to have funeral services (which are important to have) and others prefer the scattering of ashes; both are possible without purchasing an expensive casket. There are rental caskets that can be used. This type of container has a removable interior that is a wooden box – generally very heavy cardboard box. After the traditional services, the box is removed for burial or cremation.

Rental Caskets Save You Money

In addition to solving the dilemma of having both a traditional funeral and a cremation, people use rental caskets as a way to save the expense of purchasing a costly casket.  Rental caskets cost families generally between $700 – $1000, this is about 1/3 the cost that the purchase of a traditional casket would be.  The insert is removed with the deceased and both are cremated together.  Many also look at it as an environmentally friendly option. Be sure to check with the funeral home you are using to make sure they have the rental caskets available.rental cakset

If you’re doing research to find information on rental caskets, also look for what are called cremation caskets or cremation containers. If the casket is for cremation, it needs to be made of combustible material. As well, if the family opts for a cremation casket there will generally be an small addition charge for the cremation as the casket itself adds time to the cremation process. For dignified viewing in a more elaborate casket, the rental of the casket is a solution.

In your research, be sure to check for the policies of both the funeral home and the crematories. Make sure to ask what options are available. Many require cremation caskets. They have the authority to ask for the caskets, but also have to allow the family to choose an option. Fortunately, most funeral homes and crematories make the selection of choices a positive experience and better customer service.

Rental Casket Origins

The first company to make rental caskets available nation wide was the York Group.  The idea of renting a casket, although initially a strange thought, came about as a way to address issues which arose as a result of cremation gaining in popularity.  Families did not wish to purchase a traditional casket since it would just be used for a service and then either disposed of or burned during the cremation process. These rental resulted in greater revenue for the funeral homes because families who wanted cremation were able also to have a traditional viewing followed by cremation.

Today most funeral homes offering rental caskets as part of the merchandise offerings. The lower cost of the rental casket often lets a family afford services they did not think they could. In fact, many funeral homes are offering a choice of several different rental caskets. If more families who were planning on cremation were aware of the rental option, perhaps the funeral homes would be able to offer more services to more families.





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