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Direct Cremation Package – $995

This basic San Diego Direct Cremation package includes everything necessary to attend to the physical remains of your loved one. Please call us at 619-550-7807 with ANY questions.    Over 100 Reviews    Available 24 hrs.

Coordination with doctor/hospital
Medical Examiner coordination
Taking deceased into our care
Climate controlled holding area
Filing legal paperwork with Family
Transfer to crematory
Basic container for cremation
Individual cremation
Container for cremains
Disposition permit (1)
Released to family
Notify Social Security

We plant a tree in honor of deceased

Basic Cremation Package - English

Paquete básico de cremación - Español

By completing the secure form to the right, you will be sending us information about your loved one, so we can prepare all the required papers for your signature – speeding the process.  Of course, you may always just schedule an appointment with us should you prefer.

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Direct Cremation Options

There may be additional charges required for pickup of the deceased from a residence, for difficult pickups or larger individuals.  As well, extra cremations fee will apply for larger (over 300 lbs) individuals.  

Many options are available for all of our Cremation Packages and we can provide exactly what you desire. As well, we have keepsakes, jewelry and other tokens available. You may purchase some of these items directly for our site or by contacting us directly, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Disposition of Cremains

 After the basic cremation there needs to be some disposition method. Disposition of the cremains simply means what are you going to do with them.  The cremains are approximately 4 – 6 lbs of material that look a lot like sand and there are a myriad of things you may do with them For more detains on the cremains and a few ideas on  disposition have a look at San Diego Cremation on our site.

Generally, most families select one of the three disposition methods specified below. There are other options however, so please ask us for our suggestions.

pile of cremains resulting from the cremation process
Keep Cremains at Home

Some families opt to keep the cremains at home, at least for a while. In this case a nice urn for display is suggested. We have many in our office as well as in our on-line store. 

Another disposition method may be selected at a later date.

Fancy Blue urn to contain cremains from cremation process
Inter in a Cemetery

Interment in a cemetery is an option sometimes chosen as it allows a place for friends and family to visit the deceased loved one.

This option may be expensive if a plot of land needs to be purchased. Please see our page on San Diego Cemeteries.

Green grass in Cemetery for interment of cremains or caskets
Scatter at Sea
Burial at sea is a lovely method of releasing the loved one. We began as an ash scattering company and we love the peace and closure that this disposition method provides to families. For more detailed information please see our Burial at Sea section.
Flower on boat with ocean in the background - getting ready for a burial at sea with cremains
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