Veteran Funeral Allowances Benefits

Veteran Funeral Allowances Our veterans are one of our country’s greatest treasures. The soldier, the marine, the pilot, and the sailor who has protected us - has demonstrated the true meaning of honor. Each American veteran has done what so many of us are not brave...

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Funeral Services are Important

Funeral Services are Healing Often we heard families say that their mother, father or other relatives did not want the family to have any funeral services. Really, they are saying that it would be too much trouble or too expensive to have the services. Funeral...

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California Disposition Permit

Why I Need a disposition permit A Permit for Disposition of Human Remains (Disposition Permit / Burial Permit) must be issued for each death at the time of preparation for burial, cremation or transit of the remains. The state basically need to know what is happening...

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Palliative Care vs Hospice Care – Differences

If someone in your family is dying, you may be asked to decide between hospice and palliative care for them. So, how do you decide? What is the difference between the two? Someone you know may have had hospice care, so you pretty much know what it is. It gets...

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California Right to Die Law

  California Right to Die Law California’s Governor, Jerry Brown signed The End of Life Option Act (California Right to Die Law)into effect on October 5, 2015. Recent efforts by many groups including the organization Death With Dignity had finally led to the...

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Organ Donation – Save a Life

When organ donors die, it is possible for them to save as many as eight lives if their organs are ready to use. In 2014, more than 28,000 transplants saved patients who needed them; thousands died waiting for transplants that could save them - please consider organ...

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Implants & Prosthetics – Recycled

When someone in your family passes, there are so many things to think about – the services, the burial, the legal issues, and it goes on and on. Now that we have implants and artificial parts there are more questions. What are you supposed to do? Can these man-made...

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Rental Caskets – What!

What do you do if you want both a traditional funeral or viewing, but then cremation and scattering of the ashes? If some of the family wishes to have funeral services (which are important to have) and others prefer the scattering of ashes; both are possible without...

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Ash Scattering – Need to Know

Is it your responsibility to scatter a loved one’s cremains (ashes)? If so, there are some things you should know before you start and some decisions that should be made – else you could be sorry!Scattering LocationsWhere are you planning to scatter the cremains? ...

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