Fulll Body Sea Burial

Natural Process

Returning to the Ocean

Full Body – Burial at Sea

Full body burial at sea is another option in addition to scattering ashes at sea. It is possible to do this either a casket or shroud. It is not very common, but is available if you so desire.  The video below shows the preparation of the casket for a sea burial that we recently did with the navy.

This can be an option for individuals who had a special attachment with the ocean.  Perhaps people who spent their live on the water such as Navy personel, fisherman or just someone who this type of burial appeals to.

If is a very natural way to deal with your physical  remains after passing.

The full body sea burial is available to both military as well as civillian personel. The military do have the option of the service being performed on a military ship while the ship is on deployment. For military burials at sea the family cannot attend.

As you would expect there are several rules and guidelines as to how to prepare the body as well as the casket or shrowd. There must be ample additional weight added to deliver the body to the ocean floor and ensure it stays there. Factors such as water depth and temperature must be considered. The burial at sea must also be reported to the EPA.

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