Burial at Sea – Flower Selection
Life Celebration – Sea Burial
Flowers Float in Sea Current

Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering – Flowers

The use of an ample use of flowers and wreaths for a burial at sea – ash scattering – make a big difference in how the event comes off – the mood and feelings created. The flowers selected should have meaning to the family, the deceased and be visible in the water. Life Celebration – Honoring their Memory.

Flowers for burial at sea

As with any funeral ceremony, flowers are a great addition for the event. It is lovely to see them floating on the ocean surface and trailing off in the distance as they follow the currents. The selection of specific flowers is often designed to reflect the preferences of the deceased. Some suggestions for flowers which are particularly attractive are roses, daisies and sunflowers.

When a person takes off a lei and places it in the water it is said that they are giving love to the deceased. 

A wreath is a very nice addition and provides a focal point for the viewing in the ocean. 

Wreath of Red Roses for Scattering at Sea
Lei for Burial at Sea
Wreath with Purple Flowers for ash scattering - Burial at Sea
Wreath of White Roses for Scattering at Sea
Yellow Flower Wreath for Burial at Sea
Roses ready for burial at Sea
As you can see from the pictures below, the more flowers the larger display they create in the ocean. We do supply rose petals free of charge for your service, however some families do decide to include an extra ba of rose petals to create a large display.  As well, having extra petals ensures there are an amble amount for everyone on board to participate in the scattering.

On occasion families also do some decoration on the yacht, as shown in the middle picture below.

Wreath of White Roses and flowers on ocean
Yellow Roses decorating yacht for sea burial
Roses going in the ocean - Burial at Sea
It is very important that all flowers and any components associate with them be completely biodegradable. This is a major reason we like to have families use our florist when ordering flowers for sea burial. Often we see wreaths made improperly for placing in the ocean when coming from florists.


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