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Pre-Need Funeral Planning – It’s Important

Pre-Planning your funeral services is a way to take control of what will happen to your body after you pass from this life.  You will die, and someone must decide what to do with you.  It is best not to burden your family with those decisions while they are dealing with the pain of your passing. Now is also an excellent time to think about advice from people in the final stages of life.

You can use pre-need funeral planning for both cremation services and well as traditional funeral  services with in ground casket and can lock in the price using today’s prices – not future pricing. It pays to be prepared as you do not want to pass without a will.

Great Reasons to Pre-Plan

Funeral Wishes are Specified

Pre-Need Funeral planning lays out your wishes such as burial or cremation, service type, venue, flowers, music etc. There will be no arguing among family members about what to do.

Do you even want a service and if so where? Many people will say they so not want any fuss or service, but it is often best for the family to have some type of venue to say goodbye.  Getting closure on your passing is very important.

The very act of making arrangement when you older may also be difficult issues like Alzheimers or Cancer may impair your ability.


Peace of Mind

Pre-Need funeral arranging gives you peace of mind.  It is done and you do not have to think about it again.  Your funeral service is the last chance for your family and friend to say goodbye, so it should be done your way.

As well, it will give family and friends a review of you entire life, some aspects of your life will not be familiar to many in attendance. It as well, shapes how you will be remembered by all.

Relieves Family Stress
Pre-Need funeral planning relieves your family from stress.  Do you really want to place the burden of having to deal with your funeral arrangements on our family, especially when they are already under stress from your passing.  This is not the best time for them to make decisions both in terms of what you would have wanted as well financial decisions.
Less Expensive
Pre-Paying for your funeral  is the final step in relieving your family from the stress of your passing. Knowing that the money will be there to pay for your wishes is important.  Funeral expenses need to be paid before services are performed and often financial resources from banks, insurance etc. are not available until well after this.

Planning Funerals – Pre-Paying Expenses

 There are many questions we hear on a regular basis when we discuss pre-planning of funerals.  Hopefully some of the points below will address some of your concerns regarding pre-arranging and pre-payment of funeral services. This quick article about Five Funeral Facts my help guide your decisions.

Preneed funeral planning questions
Is Pre-Payment of Funeral Expenses Required?
You many pre-plan for you funeral and NOT pre-pay. Some people do take this approach.  However, your family will still have to pay for your arrangements at the time of your passing.  Since one of the reason to pre-plan is to relieve stress on your family pre-paying in advance is usually a good idea.
Is my Money Secure?
In California, it is illegal for you to directly pay a funeral home for your funeral expenses before death.  Your money for pre-payment is usually used to buy a life insurance policy that will come due upon your passing. This way your money is protected.
Can All Expenses be Paid in Advance?
When pre-paying for funeral costs there are 2 types of items.  Firstly, guaranteed cost items such as the price of the burial or cremation and a variety of funeral home services. Our general price list is posted on our site. Secondly, there are non-guaranteed cost over which the funeral home has no control and these may increases in price such items as opening and closing a grave.
What Happens to the Interest I earn?
In a pre-payment agreement the funeral home agrees to provide funeral services for you at today’s cost. The any increase in the value of you pilicy as a result of interest will go back to the funeral home to come the increase in costs at the time you pass.
Pre-Payment and Social Services
Life insurance policies can be made irrevocable. This means that money set aside for reasonable funeral expenses are not counted as one qualifies for social security.
California Right to Die and PrePlanning

We have had many clients participate in the California Right to Die law. For more information on this law, see our blog post.

Can I Organize a Home Vigil?

Home vigils (blog article) are an old practice that is gaining renewed popularit. Many families keep their deceased loved ones at home for a while after death. This allows them to hold private gatherings, say their final goodbyes in person, and experience amazing healing.

Can I Preplan a Burial at Sea?

You may plan and prepay for both ash scattering at sea and a full body burial at sea. Funerals Your Way is the go-to Funeral home in San Diego for both services.

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