San Diego Burial Pricing Options


Ground Interment

San Diego Burial Pricing – Very Affordable

The goal at Funerals Your Way to give you complete control over all your funeral options from the beginning yet make the process and simple and easy for you as possible.

In order to address this need we have created the following Burial Packages, for many families these bundles of services are a perfect fit.  You may of course customize and add additional features to the package chosen.


San Diego Burial Pricing – Options

Many families still decide that traditional burial is their preference, commonly this is true in many traditionally religious families –  40% of families select in ground burial in California.

In addition to the burial plot and casket there is usually going to be the need for an outer burial container.  There are not required by law but usually required by the cemetery as a requirement of being interred there.  The outer burial container surrounds the casket in the grave to protect it from sinking into the ground.  There are a few types of these the most basic is a grave-liner,  generally made from reinforced concrete that cover the top and sides of the casket.  Other models completely surround the casket and are thicker and offer more features such as re-enforcement and personalization.

Elevated Grave Markers

More traditional cemeteries feature elevated grave markers and each grave space is a separate plot.  This is very common in smaller towns or in order cemeteries. It is what cemeteries looked like when you were growing up. Many cemeteries have sections of the cemetery like this. A good example of this can be found at Mount Hope Cemetery.
Traditional Cemetery with Elevated Grave Markers

Modern Cemeteries

Many modern cemeteries use a grave type known as a “Grave Crypt”, where a grave is designed to accommodate a double depth burial container.  This option has become necessary for space constraints in cemeteries throughout the US (and world) as cemeteries are filling up.  These cemeteries often have flat grave plaques in the ground.
Grave Markers at Ground Level - San Diego Burial Pricing


A mausoleum is a rectangular shaped building or above ground structure accommodating caskets. Mausoleums can honor a single family or include several families. Cemeteries often have multiple mausoleum structures, all of which traditionally include a plaque affixed to the chanber entrance noting deceased information.
Mausoleum Above Ground San Diego Burial Options
There are several cemeteries in the San Diego area which offer both burial of cremains as well as full body, some cemeteries are public and some are private. For a listing and information on these please refer to our San Diego Cemetery Section.
Providing Interment Services in ALL Cemeteries in San Diego
We have put together the following 2 packages but can customize for each family, so they get exactly the products and services they wish. Just let us know what you would like for burial options.

Direct Burial – $1295


Burial is completed at the convenience of the cemetery. This does NOT include containers, caskets or embalming which are additional charges. This is an unattended burial meaning that family is not present.

Coordination with doctor/hospital
Medical Examiner coordination
Taking deceased into our care
Climate controlled holding area
Filing legal paperwork
Storage of deceased (up to 3 days)
Transportation to cemetery by service van at mortuary convenience
Burial witnessed by our Staff
Disposition Permit(1)
Notify Social Security

Traditional Burial
with Service – $2995


This is a traditional burial package. Your family wishes to have a service with a casket present as well as a short committal at the grave side. The family will need to purchase an appropriate casket. 

This does NOT include containers or caskets which are additional charges.

Coordination with doctor/hospital
Medical Examiner coordination
Taking deceased into our care
Climate controlled holding area
Filing legal paperwork
Storage of deceased (up to 3 days)
Embalming (standard)
Casketing, dressing, cosmetic care, hair, makeup
Prayer cards
Directing funeral Service at venue and committal at cemetery
Use of our venue for service (1 hr. service)
Funeral Coach
Flower car and driver
Death certificate(1), Disposition Permit(1)
Notify Social Security