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San Diego Funeral Services – Cremation – Burial Services

Funerals Your Way – a San Diego Funeral Home ( English / Spanish ) offering quality funeral services including  cremations, earth burials and sea scattering619-550-7807. We provide professional, compassionate  assistance (24/7). Centrally located off Clairemont Mesa Blvd. ( Kearny Mesa ) and near the San Diego Medical Examiner.

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24 hr – Funeral Services

We are available when you need us  and can be reached 24hr/day, so when you call, a real person answers in either English or Spanish.

If your loved one has passed, we are ready to take them into our care and answer any questions you may have. This is our Guarantee!

Simple – Easy – Affordable

Our overhead is kept low, so we can keep our prices low.  We have GREAT pricing and always explain our services and pricing to you in detail.

There are no surprises with us. We want your business and your referral and offer you our  best in return.

Community Funeral Home

Funerals Services – Cremations – Burials

Funerals Your Way is a small local San Diego funeral home established to serve our community.  We do our very best  to use our resources to be able to support our families with outstanding, affordable, efficient and comprehensive funeral services tailored to their needs. For a variety of articles please see our BLOG. We are not a large corporation but a local business for local families.

Proud to operate our business within religiously and ethnically diverse cultures represented in southern California and in particular in San Diego. San Diego is a big city with a small town’s heart and we are grateful to  represent this exceptional community. Providing an experience for families during difficult times.

Small & Caring

We are a small funeral home with a small staff and take the time to understand our families needs.

Low Overhead

By using the latest technology, our overhead is kept low and saving are passed to the families.

Easy Arrangements

Arrangements can be made online, through email/fax or at our centrally located office off Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Celebrate – Honor – Bid Farwell

San Diego Funerals – As Varied As People Are

Every culture views passing from life to death in different ways. Funerals Your Way is proud to work within and support the various cultural and religious traditions represented in San Diego. Funerals are services for the living, a time to acknowledge the departed one’s life and recognize that the life was unique,  special, and should be celebrated.

Each Life should be Celebrated with Remembrance - Each funeral service is unique

Each life, like each sunrise, is unique.  There has never been and will never be another exactly like it, so It’s passing needs to be honored.

This remembrance may be  a simple memorial or more traditional funeral service. We are to here to assist in what ever manner you wish.

Funeral Associations

We are associated with many organizations which provide support to funeral organizations, both at the state and the local level. It is important to keep informed of the news and modern developments in the industry as laws can change. We pride ourselves on using the latest tools and information to deliver the best service possible to our families.

Green Funerals

Green funerals help protect the environment and also provide a way to make the end of life more meaningful. For many people, a greener funeral represents an ethical as well as philosophical choice and may be the perfect choice for your loved one.


California Funeral Directors Association advocates and provides continuous professional development, and enhances the economic viability of member funeral service practitioners in order to provide services as desired by consumers.

San Diego FDA

San Diego Funeral Directors Association is our local association of funeral homes with whom we work closely.

This association is especially close, as we provide many other funeral homes with  burial at sea – ash scattering services.

Funerals Your Way – Service Areas

Our main office is located in San Diego county and we serve all communities within this county. However, we frequently make arrangements to assist families in other counties.  This is especially true when assisting with cremation and burial at sea – ash scattering. Funerals Your Way provides unique options for land and sea, according to the preference of our families.

Funerals Your Way
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