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In San Diego cremation services are in high demand as the latest statistics show that the cremation rate in San Diego is above the national average of 60%. There are two options to dealing with a loved ones earthly remains – you need to either have a burial or a cremation.  The decision of which option to use is based on religions views, societal norms and price.   

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San Diego Cremation Services – Guidance

In San Diego cremation services are very common and we have great deal experience arranging them.  Funerals Your Way can be your one point of contact for all your cremation needs and we are one of the most reasonably priced companies in town.

We offer transparent pricing as well as help families configure and price exactly what they need. We use technology to collect information quickly and efficiently, easing the burden on families. 

It is important for the family to have some type of memorial or funeral service to assist in healing. Arranging a venue and the handling the myriad of details involved is what we do, so let us help.

San Diego Cremation Assistance

San Diego Cremation – On the Rise

Various factors are pushing the increase in the San Diego cremation rate.  Most have the do with the way our society is changing in relation to the migration patterns and lifestyle of the modern family.  Selecting cremation services is a very personal decision and some relevant factors weighing into the decision are below.

Older couple making cremation arrangements with funerals Director
Migration to larger cities away from traditional ties

Religious objections to cremation are lessening

Society is much more accepting of cremation

Cremation is more economical compared to burial

Burials environmental concerns are increasing

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the use of high-temperature burning to reduce a deceased to basic chemical compounds.  The time required for cremation varies depends on the temperature used and the weight of the deceased. Typically,  the process takes a couple hours, but for larger individuals the process takes longer and thus incurs additional charges.

A device used for cremation (know as a retort) is NOT designed to cremate more than one human body at a time. Cremation of multiple bodies is illegal in the United States and in many other countries as well. Exceptions may be made in special cases, such as with still-born twins or with a still-born baby and a mother who died during childbirth. In such cases, the bodies must be cremated in the same container.

After the cremation process, not only bone fragments are present. Metal lumps from missed jewelry, casket furniture,  dental fillings and surgical implants, such as hip replacements may be present. Some of the metal evaporates during cremation, but what is left is removed before the bone fragment are further processed into a fine powder.

Cremated remains (cremains) look a lot like white sand and are around the same density. Cremains are mostly dry calcium phosphates with some minor minerals.  Cremated remains do NOT constitute a health risk, as they have been purified by the extreme heat – well over 1000 degrees.

The amount of cremains created does vary from person to person. In general, there are 4-6 lbs of cremains, but this varies slightly depending on the size of the person.  Size, in this case, does not so much reflect weight as skeletal mass as the soft tissues, such as fat, are consumed during the cremation process.

Pile of cremains resulting from cemation

What to do with Cremains?

There are literally dozens of ways to deal with the cremains and the method selected to dispose of them depends on the wishes of the family.  Below are some of the options available to you and we will be able to assist you with which ever method you decide on.

Keep the Cremains at Home

Families may decide to keep the cremains at home at least for a while and some families keep the cremains for years.  Some families have difficulty letting go and some just like to have the last remains of relatives near.

If  your plan is to retain the cremains you may wish to purchase an attractive urn to contain them.

Urns range the gambit from simple to very ornate and can be pieces of art work in themselves.  Additionally, the cremains many be split up and used for “keepsakes” – small urns, jewellery, locketts etc. We can show you many examples of thes in our office.

Scatter Ashes at Sea

This is a lovely option and is being more and more requested. The family either boards a yacht with the cremains or has the cremains scattered in their absence. The longitude, latitude and time of the scattering is recorded and given to the family on a memorial certificate.

Scattering at sea is a bonding and very freeing experience and we service hundreds families each year.  Please refer to our sea burial information or contact us our our sister company at San Diego Burial at Sea.

Special urns, know as biodegradable urns, may be used for scattering at sea and many are available to select from at our office.

Point Loma - San Diego,  CA - a favorities site for scattering at Sea after cremation services

Scatter Cremains by Air

Some decide to scatter by plane or balloon, choosing a very unique way to depart.  With balloon there are a couple of options – a tradition hot air balloon which takes family members or a smaller balloon just for the cremains.  For the latter when the balloon reaches height – the skin freezes and bursts – scattering the cremains over the sky.

Build an Artificial Reef

Mix the cremains with cement and use them to build a reef structure.  There are several places, especially in Florida where this takes place and families are often encouraged to participate in the creation of the reef structure.  The resulting reef provides a home for fish and helps restore the marine environment.

Scatter Cremains on Land

Some families decide to scatter their on their own land or on land which had some connection to the deceased, but remember there are some rules and if on public land – be discrete.

If you are scattering on someone else’s land get their permission, but chances are they will be honored that you asked.

Bury in a Cemetery

Cremains may also be buried just like a body is buried.  Families do this as it provides a place to go – a physical location to visit with the departed family member. There will be a grave marker marking the exact spot of internment and this option can be much cheaper than a traditional body burial. For additional information please see out list of cemeteries in the San Diego area.

There are also various other options available after using a cremation service such as placing the cremains in outer space, creating diamonds, placing them inside glass art pieces or a host other options.

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