Many articles have been written, and many lists have been made which try to capture the most important advice people who are about to die can give to others.  Do not be at your own funeral with regrets! What is the most interesting is that no matter the list, or where it comes from, the advice falls into the five recommendations below:

1. Pursue your dreams

As people think about what they would have done in their lives, but never did – they think about the dreams they had as children. What did they want to be when they grew up? As time passed, they thought about how there were interests they could never find times for. They thought about their futures, but life got in the way People who know they are dying wish they had followed their dreams.

2. Make time for family and friends

One of the common pieces of advice those on their death beds stress is to spend more time with their family first, and also their friends. They say to get organized so you can make a conscious effort to include them every day, learn to say no, and to leave work at the office.

3. Express your feelings

Another regret people have as they reach the end of their lives is that they think they were always pressured to keep their feelings to themselves. They wish they had often told loved ones that they care, and had expressed opinions that were always held back.

4. Resolve your conflicts

Arguments that destroy relationships appear to be so superficial if it means there can be no resolution before death. People wonder why they haven’t just apologized sooner. At that time, the arguments just don’t seem to be important. The participants at times, cannot even remember what caused the conflict in the first place.

5. Live each day to the fullest

Those who are about to die say they wish they had done something every day that they enjoyed. It may be challenging to do so, but with a conscious effort to have positive relationships with others, and to try to do something different every day, people can start finding aspects of a more full life.

It is never too late to follow this advice. Make a plan to start. Take a class, tell others how you feel, apologize to those you have conflicts with, try to do something different each day. There is no reason any one of these items cannot be done with family or friends. When you look back, you will find you are happier and ready to do more. When you are about to die, these regrets will not be there for you.

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