Body Donation

Helping Medical Research

Help Train Educators  

Whole body donation

In recognition that some families will wish to contribute their loved one’s body, Funerals Your Way has teamed Science Care to provide for this option. The Whole Body Donation program provides families with a cost free cremation option and still the family can receive the cremains back.

Full Body donation Services

All cost related to cremation and transportation of your loved one are covered by Science Care, these include  

Transportation of the decease from home, hospital or Medical Examiner

Competing and filing the death certificate with the state of California

Cremation of your loved one using standard approved procedures

Return of cremains to the funeral home, generally within 3 – 5 weeks 

Most people are able to donate through this program although there are some exclusions when it comes to contagious diseases and extreme obesity. The final determination of whether a person can be accepted for donation is made at the time of passing. 

The full body donation program pairs nicely with our burial at sea program. Through the donation program the family has made a contribution to science and education.

When the cremains are returned after a few weeks they are able to do a burial at sea to say goodbye.


Burial at Sea - Ash Scattering - with full body donation