After passing the California Senate 23-15, SB-128 was shelved for 2015 because Democratic lawmakers were afraid doctors would talk poor people into ending their lives. Senators Wolk and Morning, who authored the bill, proposed it as death with dignity. However, those against called it assisted suicide. As a result, the bill did not have enough support for the Assembly Health Committee to send it to the floor.

Perhaps SB-128 as a Ballot Measure

Those in favor of the bill said they would bring it up in 2016. SB-128 is a two-year bill. Additionally, they might try to put it on the ballot in 2016 because there is support among California voters.

Under SB-128, terminally ill patients who are mentally competent may be prescribed medication to end their lives. Thirteen additional states introduced similar legislation but did not pass it.  It appears both sides have arguments that are important. They have to present more information to help lawmakers make their decisions. See previous blog entry entry for Right to Die


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