Many decisions that have to be made after the passing of a loved one.  These 5 facts may make the decision process a bit less stressful and help you with making informed decisions regarding the San Diego funeral of your loved one.  For sure it will be a difficult time in your life, so be sure to ask for support from family and friends – You will get through this.

1. Land for a Casket Burial is Expensive

One of the first decisions when arranging a funeral  is whether to have a traditional burial or a cremation.  In ground burials are expensive because you need a casket, grave liners to contain the casket,  need to purchase a burial plot as well as grave opening and closing costs.  As a result of this cremations are on the rise since they offer a lower cost alternative to dealing with the loved one physical remains.

2. Having the Body Present with service is Expensive

If you intend to have a service with the body present you will need either to purchased a casket or use a rental casket, transportation of deceased to service location, cost of rental of the venue, embalming for sanitary reasons, flowers for venue and a spray for casket.  It can add up quickly.

3. Cremation is Relatively Inexpensive

According to the National Association of Funeral Directory almost 60% of Californians select cremation as their method of dealing with the loved one’s physical remains. Unlike in the South, where people tend to have deeper roots and often reserved burial plots for the family, many San Diegans are transplants to the area and family burial plots are rare. This greatly factors into the high cremation rates for San Diego funerals as people have less ties to the community. For more information on crematio have a look at this short (3 minute) cremation video.

4. You May Still Have a Funeral Service With Cremation

When selecting cremation, you can still have a traditional funeral to pay your respects. You may purchase a special cremation casket or rent a casket.  Yes, you can rent a casket.  Rental caskets have an interior replaceable component that just slides out – rental caskets look no different than a traditional casket.

5. What Can I do with the Cremains?

Basically, anything you wish.  There are a variety of options but generally breaks down into the two choices

  1. Keep the loved one at home – either on the fireplace mantel or in the closet and we have a variety of urns for this in our online store.
  2. Scatter the cremains of the loved one.  We often suggest, since this is San Diego, that a burial at sea many be approriate.  It provides a lovely send off – just ask anyone who has attended one.   Our sister business San Diego Burial at Sea will be able to provide you with a wide variety of yachts for your selection.

We hope that these points will help with your decisions.  In the end, you should do what ever your loved one wanted and the family is confortable with.  Whatever your decision – a tradition San Diego funeral or a cremation with either urn placement or scattering, we will be able to assist you.

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