FUNERAL Cremation and Burial PRICING


Great Pricing – Great Service

When comparing funeral providers you may notice a wide range in pricing for similar services. Since all funeral homes generally do the same thing, you may be wondering – Why?

Different Levels of Overhead

Many funerals “firms” carry large overhead on a monthly basis with expenses such as building ownership, a large full-time staff, company vehicles and other corporate type of expenses.

In order to meet expenses they must charge more for the funeral service just to cover their monthly operating

Different Levels of Service

On the other end of the spectrum some funeral service providers offer rock bottom funeral pricing to be competitive and cut their own costs anyway possible to achieve lower pricing.

Unfortunately with this scenario the quality of services usually suffers.


Funerals Your Way knows and operates in between a balance of these two extremes. By offering honest and transparent pricing we are able to effectively manage costs for both of us.

The basic costs for running a funeral business is included in our pricing and listed as “Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff”. This includes the arrangement conference, permit assistance, preparation of the ceremony and any other specific and necessary costs. This is a normal charge, but it’s important to recognize that if this separate charge is high, the larger the overhead the company has and if very low, you may be comprising more just than saving a few dollars.

Funerals Your Way also has a Professional Service charge which we have been able to keep low without sacrificing a speck of quality. We may not be the lowest price funeral service in the area, but we proudly stand by our costs and charges knowing we offer the lowest price matched with superior service in the industry.

Additional charges and fees that are common may include; cremation, burial, embalming, use of the facilities and transportation/sheltering of the remains. We offer packages where these types of services are included; it is noted on the Package description if so.

Commonly listed as “Cash Advance Items” these are things that have been purchased by you on behalf of 3rd party entities. For example if you have paid separately for; Clergy honorarium, musicians, the medical examiner, direct cemetery fees, etc.

The costs involved in an individuals funeral as often quite varied, but it is our job to explain all costs involved, so you may have the funeral your way.