Lawrence "Larry" Asher

05/18/1948 - 02/17/2023


Obituary For Lawrence "Larry" Asher

Larry Asher of San Diego, California passed away suddenly on February 17th. He was 74 years old.He is predeceased by his parents Dr. J. Curtis Asher & Doris Asher and siblings Dr. James Asher and Thomas Asher. Larry is survived by his wife of 43 years Stephanie Asher, daughter Ann-Dee Moore, granddaughter Jocelyn Moore, and siblings John Asher, Jerry Asher, Harry Asher, and Mary Asher-Fitzpatrick.Larry was known as "Mr. Fix- It". From a very young age he would take apart televisions and radios just to put them back together again! He could fix anything from a vacuum cleaner to a car which led him to a career in repairing microfiche machines for Bell & Howell and later Kodak. After his retirement, he became a legend in his neighborhood walking his dog "Harley" everyday. Larry had a passion for the desert, camping, motorcycles, and music. He was an award winning bassist. He played guitar and sang in several local bands throughout his life. He owned a DJ business and liked playing music for everyone to enjoy. He was a dedicated husband and proud Dad & Gramps! Larry had a love for animals and a fondness for the San Diego Zoo. Most of all he loved joking around with his friends & family, especially his granddaughter and nieces & nephews. Larry will always be remembered as a "Good Guy" and will be dearly missed.In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the San Diego Humane Society in memory of Larry

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  • 04/02/2023

    I remember my uncle Larry always being warm, friendly, and kind. He was my go to mechanic growing up and he always knew about specific issues cars had and what to look out for when buying used. He would call or visit me at the Old Globe on one of his many walks with Harley in the park. I will miss the way he used to greet me and his kindness. Rest in Peace.

  • 04/01/2023

    Uncle Larry was the dude before the dude. In his re-soled Birkenstocks he loved to laugh, joke with the world, and was always happy. There are lots of memorable stories I remember about Larry because he came around quite a bit. A few are: 1. Him getting bit by parrot in Tijuana. 2. Going to the dog beach with Shiloh 3. Looking for dry mud when we got stuck 4x4 ing in Palau 4. Him getting our family the old cars from Bell and Howell 5. Motorcycle trips with my dad 6. His love for Harley 7. Fixing everything we ever had a question about. 8. So many more stories. Overall, he had pretty darn good outlook on life and glad we all had the opportunity to be with him. He will be missed. Now he's upstairs walking Harley and getting home cooked meals with his brothers Tom and Jim and their mama and papa. LATERGATOR.

  • 03/26/2023

    LARRY: Jim's motorcycle buddy, D.J. for multiple family events, mechanical and technical repairman, Rosie's breakfast buddy, dog lover, car supplier, computer humorist, telephone communicator, brother, brother-in-law, uncle ETC. Larry will be missed by all the Arizona Ashers. We treasure all the moments we had with him. We love him and thank God for the blessing he was in our lives! Rose (Rosie) Asher

  • 03/23/2023

    I'll miss Larry. When I lived in San Diego we worked together at Bell & Howell and became best of friends. Almost every weekend I went to the desert with my family to ride bikes in the sand at Glamis or the trails at Ocotillo or Blair Valley I can't recall a weekend that Larry was not present. He was family! He was "Uncle Larry" to my daughter Amy. When we moved to Arkansas we still stayed close via internet and occasional visits. He loved to tell jokes and recently we swapped funny stories and jokes almost every day via email, His passing leaves a deep void in my life.

  • 03/19/2023

    The first time I met Larry was in the desert! He was very personable and loved the fact my son played the electric guitar! He was full of compliments and sincere! His compassion for others will be what I will remember about him the most. Rest in Peace Larry!

  • 03/15/2023

    Larry was my oldest friend in SD. First time I went to his house he was hosing off a tv in the front yard !Good Grief!When camping he put a smoke bomb in my van when I started it I thought it was on fire! I miss him. Bill K

  • 03/14/2023

    I met Larry through a mutual friend. We played in a few bands together through the years. We were friends for 40+ years. Larry always had a joke or a funny story up his sleeve. He was easy going and fun to be around. He loved his family, friends and pets! I'll miss him very much.

  • 03/14/2023

    Larry was a great guy. I met him when we were forming The Michelle Rose Band, and he guided us through the band formation. He usually had a smile on his face, great attitude and a sensitive and caring heart. We continued to stay in contact via email, continuing his pearls of wisdom and current events. Larry, Rock & Roll heaven is lucky to have another amazing bass player. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven for another jam session.

  • 03/13/2023

    My deepest sympathy & condolences 💐 to Larry's siblings, wife, daughter, & ALL of the Asher family. I remember Larry coming over to our house (North Park) to fix our TV 📺. As a large family, we had a large television set. It didn't take Larry long to figure out: " the tube is bad." Years later, Mary & I were going somewhere at night. She hit a 'pothole' & the car stopped working. She called Larry. He came to the rescue. Larry was absolutely the reliable good guy 'fix it' man. Your kindness & help (to all) will be missed. Francie (Dibos) Rossi

  • 03/11/2023

    I first met Larry in early 1969, after I finished my hitch in the Airforce. We met for the first time at a little music jam with a guitarist/vocalist. Who would of guessed that our connection that day would last for over half a century! We both enjoyed a close and special friendship which never wavered. Because we both had a good sense of humor, it seemed we could never offend or out-insult the other. This kind of bond is rare and I cherished it since day one. When I meet up with Larry again (in heaven), we'll undoubtedly resume our connection. We both played in a couple of bands together, and we were roomates in a house we rented. Because of Larry's uncanny gift for diagnosing, and trouble-shooting pretty much anything, I recommended Larry join Bell & Howell where I was employed since 1974. Larry was always appreciated by Bell & Howell as one of their valued "diagnosticators". He was a great asset to their team. My wife and I relocated to Paradise, CA (in 2002) and then we moved to Springfield,OR (in 2019). During this entrire time period Larry and I continued to speak on the phone (pretty much) daily until his passing. We would always sign off by saying "Later Gator" to each other as we both looked forward to the next day's phone call. LATOR GATOR.....I'll be seeing you again. Love, your friend, John

  • 03/09/2023

    I will remember you as Mary's smiling brother whose room always looked like a television repair shop! Please keep the Pearly Gates well oiled for the rest of us. May you rest in peace.

  • 03/08/2023

    RIP Larry. Will miss our "talks" and hearing from you often, i missed the lunches we used to have every so often, you owe me one you know, collect later i guess. Love you buddy. Jack van den Akker

  • 03/08/2023

    RIP Larry. Talked often but were not able to go to lunch any longer, will miss you buddy. Jack van den Akker

  • 03/05/2023

    I hope you're riding around up there on motorcycles with Harley on your lap! I love you XOXO

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