Did you ever wonder why we give flowers to people?  Of course we all feel better when we are given flowers, but did you ever wonder why?  Scientific research has found that not only do flowers have an immediate positive emotional response on our brain, but over the long term flowers evoke a higher sense of enjoyment in life, reduced stress and anxiety and increased contact or communication with family and friends.


Historical Use of Sympathy Flowers

Giving flowers is an act of human kindness echoed throughout the world, every country gives flowers. The first known use of flowers dates back to prehistoric times, which then were used for herbal remedies. Historically, a meaning associated with a given flower flourished during the Middle Ages, couples in love were not able to openly show their affection to each other so flowers were given as a code for loving sentiments.

sympathy flower

Funeral Flower


Wedding and Funeral Flowers

Weddings and funerals are both often filled with flowers. Flowers are  acultural standard that have been described as one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning either a joyous wedding or somber funeral.  It is important to establish where family and friends can send flowers immediately, since sending flowers is often our first reaction to the death of a loved one.

Florists are highly specialized in their field and can assist with advice in making your flower selection.  Having a general idea and understanding the additional meanings certain flowers carry is something to think about before calling your local Florist.  Most people already know that certain types of flowers are associated with deeper meanings or sentiments. The most common flowers used for memorial service and sympathy arrangements, carry hidden messages along with their obvious aromatherapy and beauty benefits.


Flower Meanings

Widely known, the color of a rose has a hidden meaning such as a white rose indicating innocence, a red rose means love, a yellow means friendship, etc., but so many other flowers can represent a message that can be conveyed when selecting memorial flowers.
By far the most popular inclusion memorial flower arrangements are Lilies which symbolize sympathy, majesty and purity of the soul.  Another popular choice is the carnation, where the color red symbolizes respect and a pink carnation means remembrance. .

In many countries besides the United States, Chrysanthemums are the preferred flower chosen for funeral services as they symbolize death in many cultures.  Here in the US Chrysanthemums are often associated with truth.  Gladioli are often suggested inclusions for memorial flowers, and symbolic of their appearance, represent strength.  Forget-me-nots (Cyclamens) and any other personal favorite can be added for additional meaning and depth to the memorial flower arrangement.  Seeing and smelling the favorite flower of a deceased loved one is often a source of great comfort for those who are grieving their loss.

Funeral flower arrangements are often larger than usual, make a statement and are displayed in vases as well as on easels and all around the memorial service. Living plants are also common gifts, such as the Peace Lilly, various Orchids and seasonal bulbs, which symbolize re growth and rebirth each spring.

Funerals Your Way would be happy to give you recommendations for flowers or you may visit our on-line store and purchase them directly.  They are a lovely addition to any type of service.


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