Mailing Cremains

The only way to ship cremains is by the United States Postal Service and you must use Priority Mail Express, all other carriers will not accept cremains for transport. Most packages will arrive within 2 days, depending on the distance and time of day you ship.

The post office will label the package as cremated remains and you will be able to track the package and should request that someone sign for the package. You do not want it left outside and risk the possibility that someone steals it.

The cremains should be securely packed to make sure that cremains will not spill and that the box is secure.

Cost of mailing Cremains

The cost of shipping cremains varies depending on the distance they travel and the weight of the package. In generally, you can budget in the $70 range but can be double that on occasion for longer distances and extra weight.

Documents to enclose

For us to perform a burial at sea with the cremains, we will need permission for us to do so, so please send us the following items.  It is always a good idea to give us a call first and let us know your will be sending us cremains.  We will need the following items

  • Our authorization form must be fill out and signed.
  • Copy of authorizing persons driver license or other state recognized id.
  • We will need an original of the death certificate, so we can get the appropriate permit from the county allowing us to perform the service.
  • Payment may be enclosed my means of a check or may be arranged ahead of time via credit card.


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