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Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns for funerals today are be made from a huge variety of materials such as glass, metal, pottery, wood, stone – just about anything really.  We have several here on the desk.  Urns are commonly ornate and very personal, so besides their function in holding cremains they serve as decorative items. Families may keep the cremains for an extended period – years perhaps, some families have the urn buried in a cemetery, or scatter the cremains at some special place.

There is also a category of urns know as Biodegradable urns for both in water and in soil burial – we have separate video regarding them.  Today we are talking about more durable urns.

Given the abundant and overwhelming choices available, is not an easy selection process and is often more difficult than choosing a casket.   Doing a search on the internet will literally yield results of thousands of different cremation urns.

Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns – Myriad of Varieties

There are urns for children, urns for pets, companion urns that allow couples to spend eternity together.
Themed urns are a popular choice for many and often involve religious symbolism or perhaps reflects the career or a hobby enjoyed by the deceased. Veteran urns are very common for service.  As well, many urns may be customized with the name of the person or an emblem.  If this is an option you wish to have, make sure that the type of urn you select allows for this

Size & Weight of Urns

The weight of the urn depends on the material used to construct it as well as the weight of the cremains which they hold.

Most adult urns are designed to hold around 200 – 220 cubic centimeters of cremains.  This should be sufficient space to hold the cremains of most individuals which end up being about 170 cc.  The larger the individual (we are referring to bone mass here) the more cremains are present.

Here we have an example of cremains (170 cc) – this is actually sand, but cremains look a lot like sand and are roughly the same color and weight.  The color ranges from almost white to a dark color gray color.


What is a Keepsake Urn?

A keepsake is really just a small urn that is intended to hold only a small amount of the cremains.  Often the situation is that families will scatter most of the cremains but wish to retain a small portion cremains in a keepsake urn.  Keep sake urns are also good when a family wishes to split up the cremains amount the siblings say, or brothers and sisters.  It allows each to have a small personal remembrance of the loved one.


Summary Cremation Urns

Thank you for watching and if you have any please do not hesitate to contact your funeral director and please view other informative videos in our “Ask the Director” series.

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