The COVID19 virus has certainly changed our daily routines and placed everyone on edge. We will get through this, although it may take a while and will take everyone’s cooperation, so hang in there!  We have made changes here to assist our families. 

Video Arranging
Video Conferencing Funeral Arrangements

Instead of coming to our offices we can arrange by phone or video link. The video (we use Zoom) is really very easy, all you need to do is click on a link which we email you and your are on.

Broadcasting Services
Video Broadcasting Funeral Services

Since currently only small groups are allowed we can video stream to family members at their homes. This is very easy as all the family members need to do is click on an email link.

Cleaning and Protection

Increasing and expanding our cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities with commercial products designed for the health care area.

As well, we are using masks, gloves, gowns and limiting personal contact (social distancing ) as much as possible with our families.

Funerals Your Way
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