Words of Wisdom – If we had the opportunity to learn all the wisdom accumulated in a person’s years, in a brief statement, would we listen? Personal histories carry the same significance as the history we learn in school. These life stories are relevant for the living, in learning from the past. The need to share insight, knowledge and advice is an essential part of the letting go process for someone living in their last days and moments.
10 common dying words of wisdom

sage advice shared by the dying.

Words of Wisdom – Will You Listen

Listening to what they have to say is not a difficult task, it is nothing short of enlightening. It is an opportunity for reflection and perhaps, better clarity on how we live our own lives. You may have heard one or more of these last expressions by someone who is dying. It is my hope that you will find in this article, one or more sage pieces of advice that will have deeper meaning for you in your life right now.

Words of wisdom -done more for my family

Unfortunately, guilt is a common emotion and is part of a normal emotional cycle for someone who is dying. While there are very good reasons to try to handle all the logistics involved, it’s also important not to become obsessed with every detail. Being overly concerned with every detail could cause you to squander those precious final hours. Don’t be afraid to delegate some of the responsibility. Knowing that everything is under control gives you, and your loved ones, peace of mind and reassurance during a stressful time.

Material possessions are not important

People, memories, and emotions are things to cherish.  The logistical part of someone dying often involves material items. Some of these items may have sentimental value, other items may seem valuable because they are worth money. When someone is dying they often have a sense of non-materialism and apathy about material possessions. Monetarily valuable or not, sometimes divvying of possessions becomes difficult to navigate. It is important to stick to any prearranged plans and property allocations and to make as little changes as possible. During this difficult time, emotions, moods and minds can change erratically.

I should not have worked so hard

I shouldn’t have worked so hard, it wasted far too much time and energy.  These of workds of advice that many of us need to follow. If only money didn’t make the world go around, another day, another dollar, hi-ho, hi-ho everyday to work we go! Working hard for material items and our livelihood is not bad, and a necessity in life. Work isn’t always the “bad guy”, especially when someone has loved their profession.

At the end of our days, our wish is to find balance, never putting work as a priority over people and relationships in our lives. In the bank of life, if you are only making withdrawals of time, you are certain to end up overdrawn.

Live your life for you – not for others

Live your life for you, not for others. Do not live for others expectations of you. Far too much time is wasted in life trying to please others when, ultimately, they may never be pleased. Making yourself happy, and not worrying about disappointing others is not always easy. Allowing yourself to live up to your own potential, helps you to become the legacy you leave. Only you know what is best for you and what makes you truly happy and fulfilled.  By being true and honest with yourself, you are embracing your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses: who you are.

allowed Yourself to be happy more often

Allowing ourselves to be happy seems like an easy thing, but in fact for most this is a constant internal battle. We can be our own worst enemy. In life we are blessed with “free-will” in the form of choosing our actions and emotions. Knowing when we wake up each day, that we have a choice to be happy, sad, excited, stressed; is a chance we have to make or break our day. From the perspective of someone who is dying, happy memories are the greatest comfort. If we are given a choice to allow ourselves to be happy, why would we choose otherwise? One thing that we love to do is to get out on the ocean – it is healing.

Courage to express how I honestly feel

I wish I would have had the courage to stand up and express how I honestly feel.  We all have had occasions when we bit our lip or chosen not to speak up, despite the lingering feeling that we should have done so. Having the courage to say what we mean and mean what we say, is a skill that comes to us through practice. Not telling someone what we truly feel is a common regret that, in many cases, cannot be resolved and is often revisited by someone who is dying.

Find Forgiveness, make amends, say goodbye

Find forgiveness, make amends, say goodbye. It’s never too late to say you love someone. Saying goodbye to someone who is dying is one of the most difficult experiences a person can endure. Often, the urge to make amends, to receive or give forgiveness, is so strong it can literally keep someone alive. It is vitally important to do what you can to help with these requests, even if it is in the form of a letter. It is appropriate that the term “Rest In Peace” is derived from the process of making amends or atonement.

Made my friendships more of a priority

I should have spent more time with friends and made my friendships more of a priority.  Our true friends sometimes get the short end of the stick. Often, they are prioritized at the bottom of the list, behind family, work, or other obligations. The sentiment of wishing to have developed more or closer meaningful friendships is universal. All too often we reschedule or never reschedule, and make plans and then get too busy with our lives. We should not forget the fact that friendships only enhance our lives.

Be good to others – Relationships matter

Be a good person to others, what matters most are your relationships with others.  Our character is defined by how we treat others. The knowledge that we can make an impact on another person’s life is a gift we should respect and make full use of. It is much more fulfilling to give than receive and this does not mean only material possessions.

Making others feel good, bringing them up and being a good person is a legacy we all want to leave behind. Actively participating in helping others, doing good deeds, is not necessarily motivated by religious doctrine or earning good karma. Being involved in doing good for others will give your life greater meaning and a richer purpose.

Don’t waste any opportunities

Don’t waste any opportunities.  For whatever reasons, we sometimes allow opportunities pass us by. There are things that we never tried or wanted to do, but never got around to doing them. This feeling of the desire to fulfill our dreams embodies the idea of the “Bucket List.”

Fear can prevent us from living our lives to the full extent; and is often the reason we have regret over not seizing opportunities in life. Opportunities often provide pivotal changes in our lives. Fear of change and failure are the only things holding you back from seizing the day. One thing everyone should do is get their arrangments in order for for funeral.

Reflect on these words of wisdom

Take a moment to share these words of wisdom and sentiments with your friends and family. Be sure to take them to heart the next time a friend contacts you to make plans. An opportunity to sky dive or bungee jump might arise – cherish the important things in life while you still can.
The feature featured picture is of a painting by Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863) know as (Last Words of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius).  It currently resides in the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon.
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